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Mindware Systems is a Hong Kong based software developer, committed to provide Import/Export Software integrated with Account software package and computer services to Import/Export companies for years.

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Special Program for Motor Claims

Modified to your requirements


Customers / Supplier / Invoice / Packing List and other documents can by search by any inputted details about them (e.g. Name, Tel No, Fax No, Address, Reference No, etc….)

In order to save costs and time, all reports and trading documents would be printed from the software. Furthermore, all documents (e.g. LC, Collection, Invoice etc..) could be copied and paste onto a new document. Catalogs can be entered in the software and presented to clients from a laptop instead of carrying hardcopies. Such measures would greatly improve efficiency, thus providing better services to your clients/customers.

Every Invoice, payment, adjustment can be transferred to Accounting system immediately. The most updated financial information always remains at your fingertip. There are much more functions and reports then listed above.


* Free transfer of data from your existing software.


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