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Features of MIAS Softwares

Mindware Systems is an Insurance software company with strong competencies in Microsoft platform.Our cost effective Software Development provides high quality software solutions to partners globally.For more than a decade, starting from Hong Kong, Mindware Systems has gained expertise in offshore software outsourcing, web development and software applications development for hundreds
of clients globally including US, India and Australia.


Why to use our software and how can it increase the productivity of your insurance business ?

Key features of our software are:-

  • Modules available - General Insurance, Life Insurance, Claims, Accounts, Admin.
  • Easy to use - Provides an efficient method to sell, quote, issue and manage policies from anywhere.
  • Centralized database and application - Centralizes an insurers information and reduces workload,  errors  and  costs associated with tracking and managing an insurance policy.
  • Access level permissions based on users - Allows  for complete control of user access to  an insurers database.  We can provide permissions to specific user / broker for having access to specific reports or modules.
  • Transaction tracking system - We can easily track which user / broker has issued which policies on which date. We have few reports regarding this.
  • Easy to create - Quotations, policies, cover note just by one click (using COPY functionality).
  • Easy Searching - No need to remember exact customer name or policy numbers. We have provided better search functionality just by pressing one character we can search out what we want.
  • Reports - can be directly exported PDF and Excel formats.
  • Insurance Authority Reports - We provide many good analytical reports for insurance audit purpose which will provide clear picture of how insurance business is going on and how the software is going on.
  • Posting to Accounts - We have the feature for posting policies/endorsements on daily basis and monthly basis both.
  • Yearly Reports - Can Easily Monitor Accounts by using Yearly Reports
  • Multilingual - Our software supports both Chinese and English language.
  • Security - We provide very strong broker and user level security.
  • Online - We provide website for selling insurance policies online with back office integration.
  • Auto Backups for Software and Database - Have provision for auto database backups on daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Software Up gradation - Our softwares can be easily migrated to latest Microsoft platforms.
  • Software Maintenance - We provide instant software maintenance over internet.

The MIAS provides the capability for the insurer to establish a hierarchy of users or individual agents within its organization to have access to only the information that the insurer wants them to see.

The insurer administers the system. He/she can add users at any time. They decide and select what users to give access to and what level of access a user is given. Within this hierarchy insurers may utilize the workflow built into MIAS that allows them to pass work from one user or group to another.

Policy Tracking and Management or Automation

The MIAS uses Microsoft SQL server technology and is capable of handling millions of policies. The system allows you to track all relevant policy information including:

policy number(s), producer or sales agent, complete insured information, assigned company representative for a particular insured, and policy status information (including payments, renewal information, payment terms, etc.)

Customized for Insurance Companies

The Company configuration is designed for insurance carriers. It has the complete capabilities to run a company's operations including: policy administration, reporting, accounting, policy issuance, suspense, correspondence, and billing and claims processing.

Customized for Insurance Agencies

The Agency configuration is designed for retail agencies. It has the complete capabilities to run the agency, including policy administration, reporting, suspense system, correspondence and accounting.This configuration is fully compatible with the Company MIAS and can provide direct real-time transfer of information between the agency and company via the Internet.


The Online MIAS is geared directly toward smaller agency offices.It allows a small office operation the luxury of a full-featured system, without the purchase of a server and software. The Online MIAS has all the capabilities of the Agency MIAS, but is run completely over the Internet as a service. It also includes an integration to transfer policy information directly to the back office.